People close to me that I advise on technology have told me on numerous occassions that I should start a store online so their friends and family can have access to the goods I procure. I have done just that. Started my own online store for all to take advantage of the awesome deals. I can vouch for the high level of security this site has because I built it.

People who know me will tell you I would never sell anyone’s personal information. I belong to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and actively fight for all of our rights and a free and open internet. Selling information is something I am adamantly against so you can buy with confidence at my store. If you get a product from me and it fails or you just don’t like it, you can send it back to the address on the contact page and I will refund your money directly back to your card.

I am as transparent as they come and I hope you will spread the word so we can get better deals with volume.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ or call me at 541-992-0321

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justin werner
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I’m just a family man who loves technology. I own my own hosting company Wernerhost and a design studio, Tuned In Studios. All I do is live in the technological world.