Recently I came across a large cache of goods from a storage unit that had virtually everything needed to build multiple computers and am putting up some crazy prices on proven quality electronics.

The owner of the storage unit built gaming PCs for clients for many years, and upon switching gears to start a custom airbrushing fishing lures business, gave the entirety of his PC building business to Justin’s Technology World.

Over 20 PC fans, some with LEDs and others that run completely silent are being uploaded to the site.

Noctua Fan

A brand new AMD Athalon X4 860 processor is up for grabs at only $60.

X4 860K

Don’t miss the Star Wars Death Star USB car charger, new in the box, going for $3.50 –the price of a Starbucks coffee.

Death Star Car Charger

Graphics cards and motherboards also were acquired, along with a bunch of gaming quality RAM.

Two empty tower boxes, one an Enermax soft-touch and a HAF bench testing LAN box, are available but shipping might make it cost prohibitive.

All kinds of cables, connectors, adapters and more will be on the site shortly. Thanks for visiting.